A Really Easy Piece


This is something I invented when I was an undergrad, around the time that ramen noodles started appearing on store shelves in the US, and Tony Cheng’s down on Charles St had dim sum every sunday. A small group of us used to meet there for worship, and we always got the dundun noodles.

This is not as good as properly made dundun noodles, but it’s damn good and it’s easier than you will believe.

That’s the ingredients. The green onion is optional garnish. In a pinch, you can use shredded pickled ginger or any other kind of pickle. Or, some chiu-chao sauce. One time I made this, I used thin-cut shreds of garlic. So, that’s it. Ridiculous, right? But try it and you won’t be laughing.

The angel hair pasta can also be swapped out for ramen noodles. I used to sneer at Chinese-style food built around Italian-style pasta, but honestly, there’s not that much difference between them. Heresy!

That’s about it for a one person batch. A tablespoon and a half (aka: a good-size glob) of peanut butter, about the same amount of tamari or good soy sauce, and a squirt of sriracha. Adjust to taste. The tamari is pretty salty-tasty so don’t add salt until you’re done, or leave that to your audience.

Whomp it together with a fork. The peanut butter will try not to combine, at first, but keep at it. This is all the work involved in “cooking” this dish.

Serve it attractively with garnish, if garnish is available. You can also go crazy and make a pretty design in sriracha on top of the sauce, if you really like sriracha.

Stir it up briefly before eating, and dig in!


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